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Ah…eight hours of bussing theatres…my feet and arms are so sore…

Anyway. Waiting for laundry to dry. In the mean time, I will watch another Doctor Who and post these songs…

#6: The Hobbit soundtrack–Misty Mountains

Ah, this song is great, even if it is from a movie.
From what I recall, a lot of people complained about having songs in the movie, but…I thought they were fun. And also accurate in reflecting Tolkien’s books, since there are SO MANY songs and poetry recitations in the stories. And also? The LOTR movies had songs and I don’t remember anyone complaining then.
This one is maybe not as instrumental as Tolkien’s book describes it…but I feel like it does a great job at capturing the personality of the dwarves as a people, and especially of Thorin as dwarf royalty. Good song. Very haunting. I am always disappointed when it ends.

#5: Suidakra–Biróg’s Oath

More Celtic-themed folk metal. This one has more of a metal-feel to it, although it’s definitely got bagpipes and folk-sounding string melodies at the beginning and toward the end.
Unlike most songs I tend to repeat a lot, this one has female vocals…I hate it because I feel obligated to like songs with female vocalists, but…I just…don’t. Not most of the time, anyway. This particular song though, I think she has a great voice…kind of husky. I think it makes a good vocal representation of the druidess Biróg, who is the main character in this song.
I don’t know a whole lot about Biróg, since I don’t think any of the stories I read in my myth books were about her…but the whole gist of the song is that she and an unnamed druid are using magic to defeat the Formorians (a mythological race–sometimes depicted as monsters or demons–that were the enemies of the Tuatha Dé Danann, who were the heroes of the stories). I’m not sure how true these lyrics are to actual mythology, but it makes for a good song. Lots of plotting and epicness.