So, I guess I will go downstairs and see my family for midnight…have some bubble juice and all of that.

And here are my last two songs.

#2: Rome–A Legacy of Unrest

I loved this song the first time I heard it. Still do. The way the music starts out sounding ominous, and the lyrics have a fatalistic devotion to this unnamed “Master” fascinates me…it sounds like a part of my Wolf when he is not screaming. It doesn’t stay that way throughout though…but the shift to a somewhat lighter tone and freer, more aware lyrics is a good one. The other side of my Wolf.
It means something different to me every time I listen to it.

#1: Rome–Les Isles Noires

This song makes me think of so much rain. Rainy mornings and misty, rocky shores that look like this.



Very cold and lonely. But…I don’t know. I feel like, despite the characteristic melancholy of his voice–which is one of the things I enjoy most about these songs–this one has a more hopeful idea behind it. Like, that despite the isolation and arbitrary happenings that feature so prominently in our lives, that maybe, maybe there are other people who realize that if they just look for them, they can find others who still want to relate and who want to reach out of all that meaninglessness and make some kind of connection.

Or maybe I just read too much into the song. I don’t know.


Happy new year. May you also be able to forge connections that make it worthwhile.