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That’s what I did for 8.66 hours today. I wandered around and didn’t do a blessed thing. Because that’s how we roll at the movie theatres while everyone else is enjoying their inclement weather day in the comfort of their own homes. We wander around and look for small things to do and cannot find any and so we end up looking up pictures of cute puppies and trying to outdo each other with cuter and cuter puppies.

Or the others talk about porn and I have nothing to contribute because the idea of porn makes me uncomfortable. Kind of like getting drunk. Or smoking pot. Or smoking anything. Or drugs in general.

I am so much better at finding cute puppies.

Tomorrow I have some things to do. Like maybe write a coherent post.

Maybe go see her. Maybe go see him. Probably wish that anyone in the world was ever really genuinely happy with me. Maybe hang up laundry.

Probably go to the bank. Most likely consider telling about the extraordinary lengths that someone went to in order to secretly give me something the other day, but not actually post the story because I think about it and am still completely bowled over.

Very likely I will read Cthulhu stories, and start watching season 4 of the Doctor Who reboot.

Probably curse myself for being the sort of person who gets hopelessly obsessed with certain people, and tries to reason that there is no reason for the obsession, only to have the unreasonable bit respond with threats to tell these people they are being obsessed about…

All of that. And in the meantime, sleep.