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Yeah. I’m not a very original person. All I want, just like every single other boring person on the planet, is to be liked.

(Oh, and all those people who say they don’t want to be liked? Effing liars, the whole lot of them. You can tell because they say “I don’t care if people like me”, rather than “I wish people disliked me”. I feel like the attempted indifference is telling.)

But, fortunately, I am better off than the numerous people who are severely disliked. Just, you know. More paranoid.

I kept meaning to ask her if she wanted to do something this week, but I didn’t because I either didn’t say it quick enough and we had to go do work things, or I didn’t say it because the words that were about to come out of my mouth were exceptionally stupid and I barely managed to stop myself saying them, or someone else would appear and I couldn’t ask…

I decided not to, in the end, but that turned out to be alright. I was going to the office and she was following me, and had already gotten out the question of “What days are you off this week?” before she realised another supervisor was behind the door.
But…since she already had asked, I told her…and I guess she decided that since we already know Jennifer goes to drinking parties with a bunch of our servers, that there was almost no point in keeping it from her that we hang out sometimes.

She told Jennifer that we’ll be summoning Satan to do our bidding. For some reason that made Jennifer decide to leave the room, but…idk? 😛

She told me she felt bad for never texting me this past week when we were going to go out, and that she woke up when it was already dark, and was playing Pokémon when she realised she forgot.

So much for my assumption that maybe she had better things to do. I mean…I know her. I should know better than to assume that. Right? Pokémon sounds much more likely…

I should just stop being stupid. Of course she likes me. If she feels bad enough about missing our visit last week to make sure she asks me if we can do something this week…of course she likes me.

The last time someone who was not Jester invited me to just hang out and not for a particular activity or gathering or something…I don’t even remember when the last time was that this happened.

I think I even feel happy.

It’s a weird feeling.

…especially about summoning Satan.