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Just want to sleep. Forever and ever. And be warm.

Gonna go try and do that for a few hours, at least, since “forever and ever” is probably not an option (not without being morbid).

…Jester and I watched How to Train Your Dragon, earlier. I think I missed the part where he decides to name the dragon Toothless, so that doesn’t make sense to me at all…I mean…Toothless has teeth.
And also, I was falling asleep anyway. Fell asleep for real after it was over. And then I kept waking up because the part of my brain where songs get stuck in my head decided to start blasting a song by Manowar…

It’s great to wake up with a jerk and realize that this song is not actually playing, and it’s all in your mind… >.<"

(skip ahead to 1:02 for the actual song…)