Been a rubbish day, full of what Toni would call “brain static”.

Woke up and read the rest of my Doctor Who book, which was rather sad because I’ve watched the whole series on Netflix, too…so…no more Doctor Who for the moment.

Ate some dinner and then went to put gas in my car and get some things from the store with my sister. Store wasn’t very agreeable. I went with the intention of getting three things, and so I did, except only half of one was what I originally meant to get, since they didn’t have what I wanted.

Did my eTips training online so I am properly certified to serve alcohol again. Very dull program. Even worse when the audio card is spoilt on the only computer in the house that’s hooked up to a printer.

Been watching Game of Thrones and I don’t know if I actually like it. It claims to be part of the fantasy genre, but I have some misgivings. They introduced us to supernatural creatures right in the first scene of the first episode, but then leave that off and have no more of any of it until the sixth episode? Ridiculous.
Plus, all the sex? What’s it for? Certainly not to move the plot forward in an effective way. Same reason I stopped reading a few book series that I’d originally found interesting…too many unnecessary sex scenes ruin what would otherwise be a good plot.

Did some laundry and don’t care to put any of it away…so…bedtime, I suppose. And work tomorrow. And the day after, and probably the next few days after that.