It’s been a minute since I posted. But I haven’t really got anything to say…

I plowed through Jennifer’s copies of Game of Thrones first season.

I–regrettably–turned down an evening of hanging out with Toni and her boyfriend. As much as I wanted to not turn them down, I did already have plans with Jester, and he is my favourite person to spend times with.

I went to the bookstore and bought Neil Gaiman’s newest book (which is as dark and as wonderful as they usually are), and the first Game of Thrones book. I could not find a copy of it in paperback, and had to ask for help…which I never do…but the bookstore girl was very nice and we chatted for a little while. I liked her.

I started seriously cleaning up my disorderly room…playing a game wherein I can do something I want for a while–read or do an internet thing–but then I have to tidy away 50 items. It’s pretty bad when I have enough underwear to fold away and receipts and plates on the floor that I get to 50 in about 20 minutes. About a third of my room is tidied…I am not looking forward to sorting and filing all my loan and insurance paperwork.

I applied for two manager spots, one at my own theatre, and one at another store. We’ll see how that goes, since the other store wanted me to come over as a supervisor a few weeks ago…unless it comes with a raise, it’s really not worth it though.

I read the entire Gaiman book in a single sitting…because they made me open the other day (barbarians…who in their right mind likes to be awake at 6am?) and I came home and slept for three hours, and then was wide awake at 10pm. I’ve since read about 2/3 of the Thrones book, and it’s not bad. I worried it would be, but the writing is good enough and the vulgar language and numerous sex scenes in the show are apparently not much a part of the actual story. I has the likes.

I went to see Pompeii.

I…thought a good deal about this story I started. Shamefully, I have yet to write more in it…but it occurred to me that, in the dream I based it off, I never saw Prince Sebastian, since I was him. I know what kind of character he was…but I don’t know what he looks like. Curious.

I took my dog on a walk because I thought it was a bit warmer…bloody is not. I froze my fingers off and we had to run back to get in the car, and I buckled her in the backseat and gave her cookies so she’d lick my fingers and help them warm back up faster. Silly doggy.

That’s all I’ve got to say for myself.