Haven’t really got the time to tell much about it…but, man…I have been having some time lately.

Nearly broke my own nose at work…was not really sure what to make of one of my favourite musicians kissing my fiancé…drove almost 45 minutes in a fantastic downpour…slept and slept and slept and overheated myself yesterday to try and rid my body of this terrible pain, and almost made it go away, only to wake up early this morning because it got so bad I couldn’t sleep through it anymore and had to lie there and whimper and try to swallow some medicine…good times abounding.

And thinking about my friends a lot. About how I really need to write to Kerri, but I have all these unhappy things I need to talk to her about, and when I think about it I feel depressed and end up not writing anything to her…and about Melody and how I have her birthday gift and Christmas gift and I really should send them to her…but…I don’t know. I feel depressed about that, too. And Toni. I feel depressed about her most of all. I want to see her, but I don’t know what to say after our last conversation. I never meant to let anything happen to her.

Maybe when they wonder why I haven’t talked to them, they say to themselves, “no news is good news”, and shrug it off.