Finally bought a new pair of work shoes. It annoys me that I can’t get the theatre discount anymore for non-slip shoes since I work at a different location…still the same company, but I guess that doesn’t matter…?

But yeah. The bottom layers of the soles on my current pair have come apart enough that all the rain keeps seeping into my shoe when I step in puddles, and the hole in the toe was big enough that people could tell me what colour my socks were. No bueno. Hope the new ones will last me at least the next two years since I’m not scurrying around the dine-in anymore. Aaand…was looking at something…and forgot that I also bought a relatively cheap pair of shoes to fill with sand and water and more or less destroy over the summer. They haven’t arrived yet…but I’m appalled that I completely forgot I bought them.

I can safely say that at this point, I have too many shoes.
(Achievement unlocked! You’re a qualified female!)

Granted…I haven’t worn either pair of dress shoes in over three years now…and they’re super uncomfortable…but I keep them, just in case someone I know gets married or dies or something. And one pair of flip-flops is utterly worthless and should be thrown away…or maybe just put in the trunk of my car for emergencies, since I feel guilty throwing them away when they aren’t broken or holy…

…too many fucking shoes.