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I say all the time that I want to punch people in the face: stupid characters onscreen, guests at work, bad drivers, etc.

But the truth is that I’ve never actually punched anyone.
Good for me, I guess.

Except, earlier today I saw a fb post from Luke, and he wanted someone to punch him in the face so he could be done with something. How could I pass that up? πŸ˜›
I said I could do it Tuesday, but Friday night would work if he was in more of a hurry to be unconscious…so, now we have arranged for him to see a movie at my theatre and then meet me in the parking lot after my shift, so this face punching can take place.

…it’s stuff like this that helps me gauge just how much of a badass I am. So much so that I don’t threaten to beat kids up–instead, they come to me to arrange their own beatings. πŸ˜‰