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Screened Guardians of the Galaxy with some of the employees, and I am irked by something about movies with space battles.

When I was in college, we read Ender’s Game for a SciFi class I took, and the book made a fantastic point about movement in space–that you can’t keep orienting yourself with a constant “up” and “down” because you’re free to move in any dimensions, and up and down have no meaning.

I was super annoyed that they didn’t make more of that in the Ender’s Game movie, and I have been increasingly annoyed by it in any of the space-related movies I’ve seen since then.

I get that it might be difficult to animate, or that it might be disorienting for audiences to follow scenes like that…but movie makers could be doing so much MORE with their space scenes, but they just keep doing the same sort of stuff, with the same up/down orientation in battles, and the same sorts of ship designs that have designated up/down layouts…which I totally think makes sense for most ships…but not ones that are specifically fighting ships. They should have greater freedom to maneuver. But what do I know.

On a totally unrelated subject, I have a question.

Does anyone know if it’s possible, as an adult, for one’s eye colour to change slightly? I’ve always thought of my eyes as being fairly dark, but I’ve noticed what seems to be a lightening or brightening that’s dramatic enough that I can more easily see the greenish/reddish contrast of the inner and outer iris. I’ve also been feeling like I have a greater sensitivity to natural light, especially on overcast or cloudy days…been squinting a lot more or caving in and putting on sunglasses, which I’ve never done a whole lot in the past.

Just curious if anyone has ever heard of something like that.