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I’m not having such a great time.

I still have a pinched nerve or pulled muscle somewhere, and I can feel it up my back, in my shoulder, and all the way into my neck and jaw on the right. It’s the worst.

And there is a cut on my hand from one of our dogs, and it finally closed up, but it’s still red and puffy, like it’s a little infected. Not enough to worry about…just enough to be uncomfortable and annoying.

And the humidity is a tool of the devil…the pressure in my head won’t go away, and since I woke up this morning, it’s felt like someone is pressing and pressing on my face, around my eyes and forehead.

And then my mouth is a mess. I bit my lip a few days ago, and now there’s a canker sore. Hurts something awful. And in an effort to not irritate it further, I was talking a little awkwardly and bit my tongue, so now that feels swollen and infected, too…

Can’t win.