I hate water vapour. The AC wasn’t on, and the bathroom fan doesn’t work very well, so there was too much of it in the air when I finished my shower today. Makes me feel like I’m suffocating…all the heat and breathing in that water…

I tried to wait a while for it to clear out a little bit so I wouldn’t start sweating right away–because that’s annoying…sweating right after washing–but it didn’t help. Stupid fan.

I was thinking about Latin names for animal groupings…


I felt stupid because I couldn’t think of any more than that. I still can’t. I don’t remember the words for deer or antelope groups. Or rodents. And apparently I never knew any for birds or fish. Or even sheep.

Not that it matters. Just something to think about while I waited.

I went to see Toni today and I played a WWII game with she, Schyler, and one of her friends from her old job. It was an Axis vs. Allies strategy game where you’d try and conquer territories and roll dice to destroy infantry, tanks, air, or naval defenses. Schyler was the Soviet Union, Toni was the UK, I was the US, and her friend was Germany and Japan…it would’ve been better with a fifth player, but we were playing the short version where winning only required that the capital of one nation on either side be conquered. Toni and I wound up conquering Japan with our air forces, so we won.

It was a better outcome than when I watched just Toni and her friend play…and her Allied forces lost because she left the US undefended on both coasts, and her friend was able to get enough aircraft into South America to overwhelm Mexico and then the Eastern half of the US. (Which is why I told her she couldn’t be the US when all four of us played, and she advised me that since I had the biggest military budget I could probably afford enough hookers to shut me up while she won the war for us. Pbbt.)

She updated me about Easton, too…and wants me to try and come back as soon as a new manager spot opens up…which would be great and all because it would be more pay and closer to home and free food to boot…but can I really stomach the stress and ridiculousness of that place again? I’m not altogether sure I can.

Plus…I’d be at risk of termination if I stayed friends with her and people knew about it. I can’t afford to lose my job now that Jesse and I are finally starting to plan for our wedding. Don’t feel like I can afford to lose one of the few friends I have, either…I mean…I don’t require THAT much social interaction, but to lose the only local friend that I’m close with would be disastrous. I wasn’t exaggerating that much when I told her last year that (in addition to appeasing my narcissism, since she is like me) I decided we had to be friends because my loneliness was killing me.

I don’t know. I feel like I have to apply if something opens up, but I don’t know if I can really do it.