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This is terrible.

I’ve been reading through a collection of Lovecraft stories, and…well…I’m just not enjoying them that much. They seem…I don’t know…like they are lacking something.

I don’t feel much of even the artificial dread or paranoia that I’ve always assumed went hand-in-hand with his stories. I suppose that just means the authors I’ve been enjoying whose works are based loosely in Lovecraft’s have simply focused more on those details…or that perhaps Lovecraft has been vastly outdone, despite the huge following he seems to have retained.

How disappointing. But still, I’m glad I got into this type of story, because there are so many of them, and I’ve liked a lot of the spin-off tales I’ve read.

On a different subject: I am getting irritated about the reviews and comments I’ve read about The Sound and the Fury adaptation I still want to see.

Everyone who’s written about it says it falls utterly short of the book, but what else did anyone expect? That is nearly a universal truth of movie adaptations. Still…even if I make allowances for all of that whining they’re doing about this thing we already should expect to be true, how do you expect to retain any rights to complain when you clearly don’t even know the characters in the story anyway???

There is a clip from the film that’s less than two minutes long, and the writer of one article had viewed this clip (not the entire film, I think, but I cannot recall), and complained in their writing that the actor playing Jason looked like a rat-type caricature from an animated film…how on earth can you complain about that when that is exactly how he is described in the books??? With one of those ridiculous hairstyles that has even got the inwardly curving curls on the forehead that make him look like he’s got devil horns, and an evil little moustache? Ugh. I probably wouldn’t even remember that if we hadn’t talked about it in my Hemingway/Faulkner class, and if I hadn’t seriously considered writing about it for part of one of my papers.

Then some stupid person in the comments on that article was going on about changing the gender of characters, and how Quentin was one of the brothers and the girl Jason should have been yelling at in the clip was really the sister, Caddy…

Apparently that person doesn’t remember the book as well as they say they do, because in the sections where Jason is an adult, the only living Quentin is Caddy’s daughter. Stupid commenter. How can you even begin to berate a film adaptation for not living up to your expectations when you forget such a HUGE detail?

Then there was a second article that annoyed me because they talked about Jason being the eldest brother, when that is not the case…if it were, Jason would have been the one sent to Harvard, not Quentin, and the whole Jason character would have turned out differently.

That’s a little easier to forgive though, since Jason is named after their father, and usually that’s a tradition that gets foisted on the eldest son…
I’m not as okay with their assessment of Quentin as being “a drag”. I mean, come on…at no point in the book is he a fun character. Not at all. So I can’t even guess why they are surprised by his characterization being that way…I mean, did they forget what happens to him? That seems like the opposite of fun. But maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. Maybe they meant “a drag” in some other way that I am not thinking of. Boring? I don’t know.

I still want to see this movie. I’m sure it won’t be amazing because you can’t really depict it in film format–it’s barely understandable in print–but I am curious. And at least I actually remember the book, unlike some of these stupid people.

*irritated about things nobody cares about*