I want to start by saying that it isn’t my fault.

Because, you know. It isn’t.

Buuuut…this girl got fired at the store I started at. Because she applied for a promotion, and they gave it to her. That would have been great, except that she had just moved into an apartment with one of the employees. And she lied about that. Aaand…they didn’t ask me about her when they called and talked to me about one of our people who applied for the same spot, because if they had, I could have saved them the trouble and told them. (Because it was Toni she moved in with.) And the other manager at our store who they did ask about this girl didn’t know about this living arrangement, so after we talked and I mentioned it to her, she relayed the message along with an apology for recommending since she hadn’t known…

Long story short, they fired the girl. For lying.

And I feel guilty…but…she should have known better. And I’m kind of glad it happened so soon, because I feel like if it had gone on for a long while, and Toni hadn’t spoken up, she could have lost her job, too.

The more I think on it, the more uncomfortable I am with this rule. Because as much as I totally understand the reasons behind it, I feel like it’s made us all much, much more interested in each others’ personal lives. And that’s awkward.

Like reporting your neighbors for being communists.