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Now that we’ve arrived at the part of the year where it’s too cold to keep the AC on, but not cold enough for the furnace, it’s way too quiet. I hear too many things, and unfortunately I can’t attribute all of them to my brother (the only other nocturnal creature in our home).

Especially downstairs, when it is just my cat and I. We will be in the kitchen area, and he will be curled up beside me on the floor with his little cat eyes closed, making no noises. Yet I continue to hear stealthy noises from the other side of the room. Not mouse noises. Just stealthy ones. Like a cat would make. Except that the only cat is within my reach, and cannot be blamed.

But when I get up and look into the living room, the noises cease. Like they know I am looking at them.

It’s vexing. And it can’t be a mouse because the beagles would be very interested in it when they’re downstairs, even if the hypothetical mouse was hiding. They’d still smell him.

Naturally, nobody else in my family can hear it because it requires the utter stillness and quiet that, because of the outside noises (which are rather loud…I can tell when it is getting close to 530am without consulting a clock because of the increase in the road noise from the nearby highway), and the television and the dogs and the noises of five other people moving about the house…

Deady was being rude and refused to acknowledge the noises, too. Until tonight. We were sitting in the kitchen, and we heard a sharp tap in the living room, which he jumped up to investigate…I watched him run around to all the furniture and look underneath for whatever the noise was, but he must not have found anything interesting because he jumped into his cat perch and looked out the window instead.

There must have been something interesting outside the window though, because he kept darting this way and that, like he was watching something fluttering around outside.

Moths? Perhaps the sound is moths, who are drawn to the light–however faint–in the windows?

I don’t know. Maybe I will shut the blinds next night I am down there, and see if it goes away.