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I threw out my plans for today on account of staying up extra late last night, talking to my sister.

I feel like after spending three hours on a conversation, I should have something I took away from it…but…not really. It was mostly trading stories about ridiculous things that happen at our jobs. Because they do get pretty stupid sometimes. And about her professors, because they sound like barely competent human beings, let alone competent teachers

In spite of all the debt I’m in, I can at least say I don’t regret the quality of the college education I received. (That’s a good thing, right?)

Wasn’t tired after all that conversing, so I stayed up even later, reading. Because that’s what I do.

Woke up around 1, and I did have enough time to carry out my plans…but…I got lazy. Because I really had wanted to get up early in the day and do them, and I failed at that. So I gave up.

Instead, took Domino to the park and went for a brisk walk/jog around the pet trail. Checked her for ticks and went back to the car…and I had lost my keys. I suppose they fell out of my pocket while we were jogging, but at least we didn’t have to rewalk the entire trail to find them.

Got home and ate some food, and then wound up spending three hours (because apparently this is the amount of time we take to do any given thing) playing a guessing game with my sisters, wherein we tried to think of increasingly obscure characters in Disney animated films…then our youngest sister decided she had to go to bed because she has school in the morning.

Now I’ve been alternating between loading clothes into washers and then dryers and folding and putting away things, and finishing The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, which I was getting a little bored with, but in the last segment, was pretty astonishing. Lovecraft managed to achieve in about 115 pages what Bram Stoker had to draw out for an entire novel–there are enough correlations between the two stories that I think it is a fair comparison.

I think Lovecraft’s story had somewhat better results, since Dracula failed to creep me out at any point.

I think I am enjoying this set of stories better than the ones in the collection I read with The Call of Cthulhu. Two more to get through and then I will be done with this phase of my reading (no more weird short stories? But…but… *sniffle*) and moving back to my 18th century poetry and…these two books that I won in a writing contest a few years ago. How long ago was that? Mm. Five. I am pretty sure.

But I’ve never read them, because of my compulsion to read books in the order of the author’s last name…and I’m only just now getting through the L’s (because I have too many books). We’ll see how this goes, because while I have seen them in at least one book list of absorbing reads…I am skeptical. Probably because the author of that reading list article did a very poor job of describing the book, and also because the cover picture is ridiculous.

And because Wikipedia.

Time to check on my last load of laundry and maybe go to bed.