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Had a vexing dream last night, involving my losing a coupon for free iced cream. Woke up annoyed. Because, you know. Free dream iced cream.

Did nothing today because I didn’t leave work until almost 4am. Went to bed close to 6. Was planning on going out today, buuuut…didn’t wake up until 2, and decided whilst showering that it wouldn’t be worth it because of time constraints.

I HATE closing extra late, then having a day off squashed in, and then opening early the next morning. I don’t know when to sleep or for how long because if I want to do anything on my day off, I have to settle for a crappy few hours of sleep, assuming I can fall asleep at all when I finally go to bed…and if I get a decent sleep, then I am not tired when it’s time to go to bed the next night so I can be at work early…

I hate it. I’d rather just work midday shifts on Wednesdays. But I guess I can’t have everything. Or, indeed, even a few things.

Oh well.

Gonna go back downstairs and see the pets again. Then finish this story (which I can’t understand where it’s going, since I’m only halfway through, but the monster has already been killed…), and contemplate going to sleep again.