If I have never said it before (I have), I despise cold weather. Chilly, autumn weather? Fine. But actual cold? I could live happily without it, and I am pretty sure my last name is a cruel joke passed down from my ancestors. Winters indeed.
One of my employees was being a baby about the cold inside the theatre today (please…it was perfectly tolerable), and declared that I must be some kind of “crazy northern German” to think it was okay to subject others to these temperatures. I wasn’t sure how to take that.

I suppose I shouldn’t be offended though, since based on hazy bits of family history, I believe we came from the German Winterses, not the English ones…our English ancestors are Parishes. Or something.

On a related note, I have admitted to GoT fans that if my family were ever disposed to be social–which we are not–I could RSVP with “WINTERS ARE COMING”. I was extra pleased that the Stark family’s words and sigil reflect me so well…although I have to admit I don’t fancy any of the fates those characters have suffered thus far.

I suppose I’m thinking about this more today because I started to read At The Mountains of Madness, which is set in Antarctica, and its eroding whatever psychological tolerance to the cold I had this morning. So much shivering. No want. 😦

Although, I can’t complain too much, I suppose, given that one of the footnotes about temperatures in the story contained an anecdote about Lovecraft suffering from an ailment that caused him to actually lose consciousness if he got too cold. No thanks.

Been working on a new story that I am determined to actually finish this time. I think that it could get up to 50-70 pages, based on the outline I wrote (I actually did an outline this time!).
I was pretty excited…they scheduled me in an extra hour early on Wednesday this past week, so I got there…did my opening stuff and wrote a page and a half outline on some copy paper. Due to another glitch in the matrix, my handwritten lines are actually straight…it’s a thing of beauty that will probably never be reproduced because I just can’t even.

Still, we’ll see. So far, what I have written is not good, but…I suspect that my biggest problem is not getting the story out and getting hung up on details that can be attended to later. I’m trying to just get the whole thing written out and then worry about making it good once the base is there to work from.

Wish me luck.