Times when I understand the use of my name: when you are introducing me, or when you are talking about me to another party, or when you are attempting to get my attention.

Times when I am dismayed by the use of my name: when Jester or K or Melody says it. That is jarring. I don’t like them to use my real name. But they can call me every variation of Reeser that they want to. It is the only time I like to hear my name said.

Times when I am baffled by the use of my name: when we are talking and you already have my attention and there is nobody else there. Just…why? Why you keep saying it? It lacks the proper aesthetic value for you to be saying it for the sake of its sounds. (Of course, this does not apply to Jester or Melody, as they are calling me Reeser and not my real name, and it pleases me to hear them say it.)

But this last one…I don’t understand. But I feel like it would be weird if I asked. Like…I’d be making a slightly weird feeling situation even weirder by drawing attention to it. Which, despite my every effort to not make things weirder, I just keep failing at it.

Oh well. Although dictating an email to myself was fun. I’ll take that one.