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There is a fairly anticlimactic ending to my story about the repetitive phone calls we were getting at the theatre in the dead of night when we are doing paperwork.

I made that little joke that someone was stalking him, since the area code was from his home state…and…well. I wasn’t exactly right, but it was someone he knew and didn’t want to talk to.

They finally did call during the day a few days ago, and I saw it on the caller ID and was like, “THAT person!” *insert brief retelling of the calls to our GM, while the service desk answers the phone*

Aaand the call was for Richard. Aaand it was his ex.

Why on earth one’s ex would call and call and call in the middle of the night when nobody in their right mind is going to pick up the phone…I can’t even. *shakes head*

But that was almost a week ago now that we discovered our mystery caller’s identity. I’m just thinking about it right now because we had another series of three calls in a row, well after closing time, and I’m wondering if it’s the same caller.

I don’t usually try to judge people’s exes that harshly (except for Jai. And Chase. Because they both deserve for horrible, horrible things to happen to them.) since I don’t know their side of things…but…omg. If this creature is calling us at all hours and setting me on edge because I can’t tell if it’s a guest or someone trying to find out if the building is occupied so they can do something terrible to us…then I really do have a few choice words for her. Because I have been groomed to think that I am never safe and that at any given moment, someone may be planning to do terrible things to me…so I could do without this girl–who might actually deserve to be called crazy or an idiot–fueling my paranoia for stupid, petty reasons that have nothing at all to do with me.

So glad I have the next two days off.