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I lied, in that last post.
It was an accident though, I swear.

It has been hard to estimate lately, how much stock we need at the theatre, and I didn’t get enough small cups–how was I to know we’d go from selling around 1300 one fortnight, to 2000+ the next?–so I had to pop by another theatre and pick up some from them and drop the cups at my home theatre on my day off…

And since I was in the area anyway, I thought I would make an effort to be social, since we can be friends now. So I texted him to let him know he was going to be kidnapped.

And I forgot he changed his number.



I texted a stranger that I was coming to kidnap them.
I did not respond to the subsequent texts from that number, but I did text his new number and we went and got food together and sat at the same table. It was a nice visit, so at least driving to the other side of town wasn’t a complete waste of my time.

In other news…
I finally got to see Fury today. And I sort of wish I had not…I don’t know.

I really enjoy WWII era movies…but it’s a morbid kind of enjoyment. I cannot think of a single one I’ve seen that wasn’t emotionally exhausting and that I didn’t leave without feeling crappy about humanity…but I still go to them. No idea why. Yes, there is something I find aesthetically pleasing about the look of that period…but, really, that can’t be a legitimate reason.

Don’t know. And too tired to think more about it. I just want to sleep and sleep. So hopefully I will end this post and go do exactly that.