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What the fuck is wrong with people?

I ask these things sometime on Facebook, because I hope that maybe someone will tell me…but they never do. Like they either can’t think of any time they did something horrible and stupid, or they are too ashamed to admit they did it because they knew it wasn’t right.

I like to think it’s the latter, because I can’t persuade myself that there is nobody in my friend categories who has wrongly berated a cashier or a server or a customer service person. And made them fucking cry because something wasn’t going perfectly or was taking too long.

Fuck that. I desperately want to reach across the counter and slap these people and tell them to get a grip…but I can’t do that. So now I feel like I need to make it up to one of my employees who I spoke with for LESS THAN 30 SECONDS about her offer to stay and help us because we were busy…only for some asshole guest to walk up and start berating us and swearing at her for “being too busy talking to help anyone”. And I jumped in and he started in on me as I rang up his all-important popcorn and water bottle, and he was too busy berating me to notice when she turned her back and leaned close enough to whisper an apology and tell me she was leaving because she couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t look at her because I was trying to get rid of him as fast as I could…but I could hear that she was starting to cry.

Fuck that guy and everyone like him. You’re not important. You don’t deserve help when you start being that way. You just need to CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

But, you know…in the mean time…if anyone can explain to me why people feel justified in being like that, please let me know. I have NEVER EVER acted like that toward someone at their job. Never.


Sorry though. I’ve been holding that in all day. Because today was the kind of disaster that not only has my employees crying, but also has my GM taking me aside to the stock room to have a conversation about some other idiots who had a problem that he went WAY above and beyond to try and fix, and who were still acting like martyrs…
It’s distressing when your boss, who you expect to be the most resourceful and the most confident about his solutions to these absurd problems instead is visibly upset and looking to you to affirm that he did the right thing.

But, you know. Bonding. At least there’s that, since I had not yet experienced this theatre’s version of it. And I do miss that about Easton…how when our guests were the absolute worst specimens of humanity, there was a palpable sense of “us vs. them” that made us more of a team. We did that at my new theatre today too. Mostly by logging into my old theatre’s guest survey tracking system and laughing until we couldn’t breathe. And cookies. There were cookies.

And then everyone else got to bond over accusations of my un-Americanness. Since yesterday my family and fiancé determined that I was clearly un-American because I don’t like things like pudding, whipped topping, potatoes, and hot dogs.
Blair and Kurt and some of our film crew reached the same conclusion, although they were basing it off my not liking mayonnaise, milk chocolate, Sunny D, and French fries. And blue Icee. Because these are all things that real, red-blooded Americans like. I guess. 😛

Ah well. At least I had cookies to take with me when I saw Fury again after my shift.
And…man…that movie was just as upsetting the second time through. Almost more upsetting, since I already knew what happened…I didn’t notice until about two thirds of the way in that I was sweating because of how anxious I was about it.

So naturally, it was at about that point when I recognised how anxious I was getting that I got to have a moment of panic unrelated to the movie. Because, see…the theatre I was in is right next to the office. And I like to sit in the seat nearest the door, and because I know what it is I’m hearing, I notice when the office door opens and shuts during the movie. And I heard it open and shut a few times in rapid succession. And then I heard the theatre door open behind me. Ensue a moment of panic because I am just not wanting to deal with whatever’s gone wrong now…
I’d told Maggie what theatre I’d be in, just in case anything happened…and I swear, I cannot watch a movie at my home theatre. I just can’t. Because something bad always happens–projectors breaking down, alarms going off, servers failing–and then they need me…

It wasn’t all that bad, but Maggie wanted some advice on how to handle a guest’s demand for compensation after they SAT IN JUNIOR MINTS AND RUINED THEIR PANTS.

I could not even.


But I told her what we used to do about that kind of thing at my old theatre and it turned out alright. But still. Ugh. Can. Not. Even.


I think all that nonsense from today balanced out the good Thanksgiving I ended up having. I didn’t really sleep Wednesday night. Because I can’t anymore (I was up for almost 24 hours yesterday, too). Super tired feeling when I got up at 530 to get ready for work…felt sick to boot. Feverish and couldn’t eat. But I did try to shake that off and stay awake…my employees wanted to make hand turkeys, so I found a flip chart and crayons in an upstairs office and we made turkeys to hang in the break room. That was fun. I felt like I earned manager bonus points with them.

Then our GM brought us food, so I had theatre thanksgiving…and then got to go home a bit early because we just weren’t that busy. Got to have a meal with my fiancé’s family after all, which I hadn’t thought I would get to do since they kept changing the time they were eating to a time I didn’t think I could make…
Felt a bit bad though, because I found out my old theatre gave Richard the day off, and he didn’t have anyone to be around for the holiday. He declined my invite to come out and eat with me and Jesse’s family, but I think I would have done too. Still felt bad though. We’re not super close friends, but I like him well enough that it was difficult to hear how depressed he sounded when I called.

I can confess to enjoying a lot of upsetting things…that is a true statement. But I don’t like other people to be upset. :/
(Despite what you might think sometimes, Jesse.)

But…we ate and then left his house and came out to mine. And arrived just in time to eat more food. That was good. And the pets were more tolerant of Jesse than they have been before. And Jesse, my sisters and my next youngest sister’s boyfriend played a game called Loaded Questions, and then Apples to Apples. It was more fun than I’d thought it would be, and we didn’t quit until some time after 11. And I drove Jester home and we had a long talk…lots to think about…lots and lots.

And then came home and wrote some. And listened to a lot of new (to me) songs by Rome. *sigh* So happy…
Hopefully that doesn’t detract too much from the Americanness of my Thanksgiving experience, since Maggie and Kurt were judging me for my musical tastes today, too. 😛
We were talking about their respective Disney and country Pandora stations, and I said I was jealous that they could at least make stations based on their favourite music. I try, periodically, to create a Rome station on my account, but the Rome I want to listen to is not available on Pandora, as far as I can tell…instead it always tries to create a station for me based on an R&B artist also called Rome…no thanks? >_<

Maggie and Kurt argued that I've been hallucinating the music I like. Which would be great if it was true, because then I could avoid sifting through all the songs to find ones I like that are in English…

Ah well.

I think I will try to sleep again, and maybe if I am lucky tomorrow will be less full of stupid.

I'd like that.