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Wow. Just…


There is another me out there. And, given this startling revelation, I must take back so many of the things I’ve said. (*wink* We know I don’t mean that.)

But still. Using our words, and talking about the things we talk about. Fire and killing and…you know. Things you don’t actually say although you definitely, absolutely do.

Kurt: So, you’re saying I shouldn’t cross you? Because I’m kind of a smart ass.
Me: You could be more of a smart ass. You’re not living up to your potential.
Mike: This is a coaching moment, Kurt. We’re coaching you for improvement. Try to pay attention.
Kurt: So I should be more of a smart ass.
Me: No. I’ll kill you.
Kurt: I’m not comfortable with where this conversation is going.
Me: I apologise. That was wrong. See…I just have this socially unacceptable need to threaten people with physical violence. Try to bear with me.
Kurt: Is this a serious thing?
Me: Debilitating.
Kurt: You should probably be careful about saying that stuff in front of our boss.
Mike: Huh? What stuff?
Kurt: Threats…
Mike: Aw, that. *waves hand dismissively*
Me: See? He’s good. He’s on his phone.

We’re very professional, you see.

And now, here is more music.

If I Told You Once by Circus Contraption

Man. My musical interests have been taking me to some bizarre places. I don’t quite know how I got onto it, but…there’s a mixture of circus and steampunk and cabaret musics that I have been sampling since the end of summer…and I think I did not want to like it, but it has accordions and musical saws.

I did not stand a chance.

This one I like for a few other reasons, too. Partly because I have a bit of a collection of songs about serial killers and cannibals…and also because the theatrics of it are great. It could definitely feature into a Victorian-era musical about a murderer, because only in musical plays do I ever hear people sing with so much emphasis on an affected accent like this. (Well, okay…and in Country music, but mostly I ignore that genre.)

Ultimately, if you’d like to listen to a song that will give a perfect voice to the villains of black and white silent films…this is a great one to try out.

Now I am going to do a thing. Like sleep, maybe.