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My jaw hurts SO MUCH. Pretty sure my wisdom tooth is getting infected again. Probably gonna be the death of me. Oh well.

Also, I had a butterscotch soda today. It was awful. One of my Harry Potter fantasies–butterbeer–totally destroyed, since apparently it’s a butterscotch drink.

…watched Braveheart. That movie is neverending. Like…I’ve seen long movies, and I like some of them, but this one…TOO LONG. Especially for me to barely care about any of the characters. Not that great of a movie. Maybe tomorrow I shall watch one about a unicorn or something. Or a movie in Swedish, since apparently I added some of those to my watch list and didn’t realize they were foreign films.

Wolf and I are exhausted and want to sleep forever. So we will go do that, but not before posting a new song.

Weight of The Sun by …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead

This is not a great song, and I apologise. I think I was taken in by its sing-songyness, which made it good to sing with on my everlong drives to and from the theatre, and its relative brevity (compared with many of the songs I tend to like) helped it climb its way into the list of things I listened to a hecka lot this year.

On the upside, there are mythological references throughout, and I can always appreciate a song about mythology. As opposed to, you know. Hooking up or being about the bass or something dumb.