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Whew. That was doubly exhausting.

I made it to that state of tiredness where the brain is numbed enough that the eyes no longer droop, nor the head nod on its flimsy spine, thus enabling me to finish a three hour long Halloween radio show that I have been saving for over a year…it was a pretty awesome show, despite the fact that I wasn’t grabbed by any of the music in it–lots of very retro movie clips and things, which were fun to listen to.

And…I did find at least one of my favourite musicians through Out ov the Coffin, but if you ever look up this show, I must warn you DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY OF HIS CONTENT. I’ve messaged him about it, and the platform he uses has virused my computer twice…destroying completely my old one, and necessitating my staying awake all night once to try and save my present machine…

All I can say is, if it happens once, shame on you. If it happens twice because you won’t change your hosting platform and I just have a terrible tendency to do things that I know could have bad outcomes…then shame on me.

Needless to say, I have not downloaded any of his podcasts since the Halloween one from last year. :/

But that’s one exceptionally long thing done with. And also…finished reading Necroscope, and…just…wtf. What did I just read?

If you’ve ever watched the Doctor Who series where David Tennant has his super incredulous, “what? What?!” moments…that is how I felt. Because the story truly doesn’t pick up until the last…mmm…150 pages. Of a 505 page long book!

I see why that author is said to be indebted to H.P. Lovecraft though. I get it, now that I’m done. Curiously enough, there was even a clip playing in the show about one Herbert West–Reanimator right when I got to the point in the book where our hero is talking to the ghost of the mathematician, Mobius, and I am getting ready to hurl the book across the room because everything about the plot at this point feels like cheating…400 pages of a (slightly) Russian vampire-wannabe plotting and scheming, so that it could all be solved with math and witchcraft and zombies that learned to use grenades! Aaaaaargh!

Well. That’s what I get (literally, as I won the book in a Halloween contest) for writing short stories about my sister and I finding coffins where they should not be.

Now, here is a song and then I am going to bed.

Sirens and Satellites by Ego Likeness

I had never even known this band existed before this past Halloween (aha, a theme…that and spies, I guess) when Jester and I went to see Voltaire. That was a great concert, despite my extreme discomfort at being near other people.

I don’t know. Maybe I did know of them, but had never heard any of their songs? That sounds likely.
But I’m glad we saw them, because she has a great voice. And I didn’t like all of the songs on the CD she recommended to us, but they were really good live. And this track is catchy, in that low-key, repetitive way that some songs I like are.

Hope you enjoy. Cheers.