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Christmas shopping is done. Really and truly done. The last two arrived today, and I even wrapped half of the packages. And then I got frustrated and decided I’d do the rest another time.

Got an oil change and they “inspected” my car and found half a dozen other things that they wanted to do to it. Ugh… -_-
No? Can’t I just get a bloody oil change and be done with it?

Drove out to the mall where my old theatre is and got more yarn for my youngest sister’s knitting projects. And buttons. Because I have this coat I really like, but the stupid front buttons are always coming off. So I figured I’d get buttons that could be sewn on more securely than the ones it came with…but I needed eight. The store had six of them in the right size of the style I liked.
They were helpful though, and called the store near my home theatre, and they have two extra sets on hold for me to get tomorrow. So I can stop wearing my old sun-bleached coat that is full of holes.

I look forward to it.

Now…Imma watch a movie. After I post today’s song. Except that after my movie is over, I will be back to post another song, because I was looking at it and I somehow got behind by a day, so that must be remedied.

The Worst Things Beautiful by Ours

Ah, they both have such good voices.

I think this song I found when I was trying to get an internship at a local alt. rock station, and I was poking around in their “top picks” list of songs or some such thing, looking for anything that I might be able to say I liked that they had playing on their station…and this song magicked itself into my ears. (And for the record, I didn’t get the internship.)

I think part of why it initially appealed to me is because the two sets of vocals fit in so well with where my musical interests were in my last year of college.
I wouldn’t call this a “goth” type song at all, but there is the lower-pitched, melancholy vocal…and the other one reminded me vaguely of Freddie Mercury, and I was listening to a lot of Queen songs at the time. I was pleasantly surprised.

But that was then. Now I listen to it and get kind of sad, thinking about the me who first liked this song. That was a sad, sad Reeser.

At least that me liked things that this me still likes.