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Snap. This is the loudest pair of shoes I have ever worn…

Bought a pair of boots and they fit surprisingly well, considering my feet are abnormally shaped, and because when you get stuff from the internet, you don’t really know what you’ll end up with sometimes.

But I like them. So far. Except for the fact that the leather is creaking when I walk, and add that to the heavy sole, and I should just stop walking around the house. In the dead of night, at least. Because nobody wants to hear creaky, new leather and CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP as I go up and down the stairs to get water and whatever.

Probably going to bed as soon as I post this. Tomorrow is the Hobbit movie marathon at my theatre, and that means extra work for me on top of putting the order away and doing inventory. Blegh.

…on a vaguely related note (not to The Hobbit, but to working at a theatre), I’ve been reading up on all this stuff happening with Sony about The Interview film…and I am not feeling so good about it.
That’s great that this company wanted to be risqué and exercise their freedom of speech…but…for a ridiculous comedy like this? Really? I had a bad feeling about it when I first heard about the film months and months ago…and that feeling just keeps increasing.

Because as much as they keep attacking Sony as a corporation, these people who don’t want the film released (yes, I know there is no concrete proof that “they” are attacking because of “The Interview”, but I have a hard time believing that isn’t the case) said that they’d have an “interesting Christmas gift” coming up…but for whom? For Sony the corporation? For Sony’s employees who were threatened in various messages? For the hapless movie theatre employees who will be working on Christmas when the film releases?

That makes me nervous.
Not because I personally feel threatened…I don’t see my home theatre as being significant, in the grand scheme of things…but it makes me nervous for those of us who work in the theatre industry, because we don’t make these decisions about what a movie is about and how a story or character is portrayed. We just sell you popcorn and a seat to sit in while you watch and draw your own conclusions about a film.

And…I’m not saying what Sony is doing is right or wrong…but it makes me uneasy that people who work in a theatre setting and not in a production or distribution setting might be exposed to an unfavorable situation because of this film.

Not that there have been any (reported) threats to actual physical locations…that’s just me being paranoid. But I feel like I have a right to be a little worried in this situation. Just a little.

…here is another song.

The Last Mistake by Assemblage 23

This song is some dark stuff.

I think I posted about it before, but on my initial listening to this album, I really liked the sound of this track. It seemed sad, and the music had some sounds that gave it a haunting quality…for an electronic song, I that can be difficult to pull off…

But after I decided I liked the song, I got to learning the words and…man. The song is about a parent killing their child in order to keep from being separated by what seems to be a custody or mental health situation…and there’s just no way to put a positive spin on that kind of subject matter.

I’ve found it difficult to listen to this song as entertainment after I bothered to learn what it was actually about…but as a segue to contemplating how horrible situations and life in general can be? Yeah. I can listen to it then. And…I think about upsetting things too much, probably, for this song to be in my most-listened-to playlist…but I think I’ve given up stopping myself.

Ultimately, I’d rather think all the time about upsetting things than have them actually happening to me. I hope that is forgivable.