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My throat hurts. :/
Not the best way to end the night, but hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

And maybe sometime before the year ends, I will find time to go see the last Hobbit film…since our guests have not taken the time to fill me in on whether it was good or not. But…I’ve seen Fury the last three times I watched a movie at the theatre, so I should proooobably see something else.
I haven’t seen a single movie that many times in a row since the first Hobbit came out. Not that I regret going, since even after the first two times and after listening to it for two weeks on the other side of our office wall, I’d still find myself jumping at certain points even though I already knew what was going to happen…and also, a poll of some of my coworkers says that an awful lot of us felt like three was the appropriate number of viewings to stop at for Fury. (Although when Hobbit 1 came out, I did know someone who had seen it 5 times. She was crazy.)

Bedtime approaches, though, and here I have a song for you that does not have words and is actually kind of soothing to listen to on repeat…which is probably how it got into this list.

Valg by Neun Welten

This one is a song I found when I was clicking through a category listing on Wikipedia, of all places.
See, one of my favourite musicians is sometimes classified as “apocalyptic folk”, and I was curious to see what else might fall under that heading. I did not find anything that really resembled the artist that originated my search…but I did find some medieval and folk themed music that was interesting in a different way altogether.

Plus, it made for good background music while I read the Game of Thrones books. 😛