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I feel pretty sick right now. Felt better earlier, and then just much, much worse than I did yesterday. Gonna post this and go to sleep. Maybe tomorrow I will feel better, eh? -_-

Cold War Transmissions by Anberlin

This is one of those songs that I kind of liked in high school, when the album was new…and I forgot all about the song because I only “kind of” liked it. And then when Anberlin broke up this year, I started re-listening to them, and was pleased to discover that I actually like this song a lot more than I did twelve or so years ago. 🙂

They posted a lot of “explanations” for their songs, too, before breaking up. I thought it was funny that this one was based partly on a game that the vocalist used to play with his brother.
It’s made it so that when I listen to the song, I remember dumb games I’ve also played…like beating Melody over and over at Stratego, or playing chess with my youngest sister when she was really little and losing so badly that I’ve all but given up on that game, or when I played Axis and Allies with Toni and Schyler and their friends, and Toni was getting mad and telling me to shut up about how much money my country had, and to go buy some whores to keep me busy while she was trying to think. o.O

Now I shall go to bed. And probably not sleep, but wish that I was awake with my insomnia instead of this wretched sick nonsense. 😦