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Mmm. So. My watch arrived, and I am still fairly pleased to have it…but now I need to find somewhere to get it looked at, as I might need a new spring or some sort of adjustment.

I asked the internets, and learned how to wind it…and as far as I can tell, it’s wound correctly, but it keeps stopping after a few minutes. But still. I am excited. And it’s a much quieter watch than the ones I owned previously…I have to actually hold it to my ear to hear the teeny tictictictictic.

Been contemplating, off and on, the idea that I am not the only one who has done this, and that the previous owner(s) also held this watch and listened to it go tictictictictic. It’s an odd feeling.

Like the feeling I get now that I can see that the reason the numbers 7-9 are faded is that something seeped into the glass cover and ate away the black ink and left alone the copper and white parts of the face.

Keep wondering what happened to it. And how it ended up in an antique store where the Etsy seller said he got it…because the only ones I have seen online for sale are considered “mint” condition, whereas this one’s previous owner definitely used it…took care of it, for sure, but it’s got the little scratches in the back and on the glass cover, and the little gouges in the metal around the edge, where the back plate has been taken off for repairs.

I am just happy to have it. And until I can figure out where to get it fixed, I’ll just be content with holding it while I surf the internets and write these posts.

While Your Lips Are Still Red by Nightwish

Eh. Every time I look up this song on Youtube, I am reminded that the video is kind of dumb. I’m not terribly keen on the chick singer for Nightwish, but she’s not part of this song, so at least there’s that.

I am not a very romantic person, but feel it sometimes, I suppose. This song feels fairly romantic to me, anyway…about spending time with someone you love, and trying to be content and store away those moments where other things aren’t eating up your attention and time has yet to start eroding your feelings.

I try to do that. I do. I think that Jester would not believe me, but I think very fondly about him, and about things I remember about our relationship…he just doesn’t know because I can’t think how to communicate these things, and also…he is VERY fond of telling me how wrong my memories are, so…I don’t know. I guess I’d rather just not share anything of what I think I remember. In case it didn’t actually happen like I think. :/

And then I start getting away from the hearts and flowers and romance feelings, and back to being my usual paranoid self who doesn’t know what really has happened, and what was a fabricated memory to cover up what I don’t remember, or that pasted my bizarre feelings over what actually happened.

It sucks, never knowing if your memories are even close to real.
I’m not even 30 yet. Too young to be worrying about this. -_-