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This was an exhausting Christmas. In a very literal way.

I woke up before my alarm went off yesterday, so by 930am I was already regretting my request that I close on Christmas Day.

My youngest sister made us pancakes for breakfast, so that was unexpectedly kind of her…then Jester arrived and we hung about until things got awkward and then there was the gift opening, which grows more uncomfortable every year…

And food was ready about 15 minutes before I had to start getting ready to go out the door, since it takes me about 35-45 minutes to get to work, depending on traffic lights and other drivers being stupid.

Made it there and then just worked and worked and sold tickets and answered phones and ruined lives and swept and swept and swept popcorn bits and suffered from certain other members of the management team not being able to count cash accurately and made up jalapeno cups and remembered not to touch my face until I’d washed my hands about three times because that stuff stings…and then FINALLY, at MIDNIGHT I got to lock the doors.

I did not clock out until 445am.

It was utterly ridiculous, the number of errors that other people had made with cash yesterday, and I could not fix all of them. When I went in today, my GM and I went over some paperwork from the last three days to try and track where the error occurred, and we couldn’t figure it out…but…ugh. That was the longest shift I have ever worked at this theatre when I wasn’t doing inventory. (Still…so much holiday pay, I guess. And lots of explaining to my GM what all went wrong Christmas night and why I didn’t deserve the snarky email the opening manager sent me about stuff being all jacked up… *snarling* At least he put a stop to that stupidness when I copied him on my reply to this person. Good to have my boss agree that he would have done what I’d done.)

Came home and slept for about five hours, then went back to do work again…no cash or paperwork, but lots of heavy (for me…I weigh between 115-120lbs) lifting of syrup boxes and popping oil boxes and butter topping boxes, and tipping cup boxes down the stairs in the projection booths because they are simply too big for me to carry safely (in the dark, because our guests have fits if we turn the lights on to, you know…see where we are going).

Heh. It sounded like someone fell down the stairs. Yay loud noises.
(Oh, and I bounced an empty beer keg across the lobby because it tipped off the dolly I was using…EVERY guest turned to look, and this tiny little old lady caught it for me…lols)

And somehow in all of that, I hurt my leg and am now hobbling around because my hip and my knee are refusing to bend properly…
Left work a bit early and came home…took some pain meds and just lay there for a long time, doing nothing. Because I never do that anymore.

My throat and ear are still bothering me (I think one of my employees contaminated me yesterday, and I may be getting a cold), but at least the pain in my leg is less.

Now I am going to post this and sleeeeeep. And not be bothered about whatever happens at the theatre tomorrow, because it is my fiancé’s birthday and I don’t have to work! ^_^

So. Here is another song. One I posted last year, because it was too good to not listen to over and over again for two years in a row.


So much accordions ❤

And the awkward, vaguely incestuous story that I didn't fully become aware of until after I had decided I liked the music of the song as much as I do…

I'm still not sure what to make of that element, tbh.

It's a good song. At least of that I am sure.