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Feel a bit less like death. Now my nose just has an unceasing drip. And my bloody ear still feels like it has a razorblade jammed down in it.

Not looking forward to the next three days…hard count for inventory tomorrow night, then another Tuesday where I will not know when it is appropriate to sleep, since I will probably get home at 4-something tomorrow morning after inventory…and then on Wednesday…get up at 530am to get to work on time for a ridiculously early weekday open. Not a fan of this inventory lifestyle. Not at all.

So. Now I post a song and then go sleep, eh?

Just Impolite by Plushgun

I’m not even gonna try and lie and say I have a connection to this song. Because I really don’t. I just like all the twinkles. And that it is such an easy song to sing along with.

But mostly twinkles.
So much twinkles.