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I always get behind on these somehow…probably from being sick this year.

I was only awake for about 7-8 hours between Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning…then I got up at 530am and went to work for a few hours…left as soon as Maggie got there to take over, and then I came home and slept for another five hours…

My sinuses and ear are almost back to normal…now I’m just suffering from whatever it is that’s keeping me tired and achey and feverish…

I am hoping an extra, final dose of sleep will put an end to this nonsense, so as soon as I post this, I am going to bed and hoping to wake up from my first sleep of 2015 and NOT feel like death.

So. Happy new year.

And this song.

Swords to Rust – Hearts to Dust by Rome

Yeah, this song was in last year’s list, too. Ah well.
It’s a great song…and I am too incoherent to comment much about it, but…good guitars and yeah. Things.

And I also did a thing that I have not done before, and started poking around to find an explanation of why this album carries a parental advisory notice…and the internet was like, “well, sometimes there are things that I just can’t adequately explain to you…”

I’d thought before that the issue was with other songs from this album, but I just downloaded the rest of it a few days ago and have listened to the whole thing…nowhere do I find anything blatantly offensive, so the only thing I can think of is that the old audio clips that are woven into the background of these songs might be…objectionable? As an English-only speaker, I can’t vouch for those clips, which are only sometimes in English but more often in French or German, and sometimes Spanish…

I don’t know. It’s weird to me.
Super weird when I think–as I often do–about how much we try to protect kids from movies, TV, games, and music, but books? Those don’t get ratings or advisories. Weird.

Anyway. Awesome song. Bedtime. Bright shiny new year. Go.