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I can breathe, and even move around without pain…felt a little unsteady and headachey during the early part of my shift today, but that’s dissipated as far as I can tell.

But I should be getting to bed soon so I can get a few things done tomorrow.

Here is my last song.

A Legacy of Unrest by Rome

One of my favourite songs for a few years now. It is still a perfect depiction of my Wolf, I think…and the mind frames that resulted in my becoming that thing.

…I think that even now, the part that most interests me is where the speaker first questions his master. Partly because I think there is just the right amount of disbelief to break the stoic personality of the speaker, but without making it melodramatic.

I also like it because that question never gets fully resolved. The speaker never denounces this master and makes a clean break…he isn’t clear about who he is warning not to test him, or who he is claiming misled him. The implication is there, but…you just don’t know.

As an exercise in reading, this is still a good song, even though I have listened to it to death.

And…my Wolf and I also have these unresolved issues in our internal life, so even after I get tired of this song for a while…it has yet to cease being relevant to me.