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So much snow…I miss parking in a garage at work, and not having to scrape my car at 2am and have my shoes fill with snow.


In other news, the internet showed me this thing existed:

mealy fungus

And no, it is not a jelly-filled pastry that got riddled with bullets squashed. It is actually a living thing. A “mealy tooth fungus”. One that bleeds.

Makes me think of when I used to have regular nightmares about giant puffballs trying to trap and absorb me (fungus doesn’t really “eat”, I guess). Maybe now I’ll have dreams about them oozing after me instead of bursting from the ground in a cloud of spores.

And on another subject that’s fairly ridiculous for me to be worrying about (in comparison with bleeding fungus, which are worrying) I also realized today that my formal education regarding history–both world history and American–left off at…you know…about a hundred years ago. So. Basically everything I know about major events from the last hundred years is from my lit classes and the actual books I’ve read. And maybe throw in some loosely-based-in-history movies I’ve seen.

That’s awkward. I mean. I feel awkward about it. A hundred years is…what? Over a lifetime, for sure. I mean, my grandpa–who was 92, I think, when he died (I was 15)–would’ve been four years old at the time my knowledge of history just ends.

Industrial revolution ftw. Woolworth is our Wal-Mart prototype, and…I don’t know…automobiles are fairly new and shiny. Literally. Oh, and prohibition never happened, and the only big wars America was ever in were the Revolutionary and the Civil.
*shrug* I got nothin else.

Except Martin Luther King, because he was a special, Dr. Who episode in history class, where we’d skip from the early 1900s and have a look around the civil rights era without any context that made sense, because as far as we knew, the sort of stuff from Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle was still going on for everyone, and children were working in factories or were orphans or something like that.

I feel like I need to find a book or something about the last hundred years. It’ll probably be boring…but…I dunno.

One of those things that I’ll probably put towards the back of my mind, with the intention of doing something about it later. And I will, probably. Just not soon. Just…gotta wait for enough time to pass that I can’t stand it anymore and stay up late on Amazon, looking for a book (or a few, probably, since 100 years is a lot of time to cover in one book) that might satisfy my uneasy lack of knowledge.

The fact that I am staying up late now, writing a post about it to prevent my lying awake in bed and thinking about it is proof enough that I will need to do something. Eventually.