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Add to the list of things I am not a fan of–driving home in a “wintery mix” at 2am.

I think I should not complain too much though, as I’d rather drive in it when there is almost nobody on the road. Still. Not enjoying. Took me almost 15 extra minutes to get home.

On the bright side…been enjoying some new music on my extra-long, cautious drives…and wondering what is wrong with me that it can take me three or so years to admit I really do like something after all.
Because I kept saying I only liked that small handful of songs by Rome, but I suppose it was really just my being too lazy to actually listen to more of them. Shame on me.

My playlist of Rome songs has quadrupled since the start of the year, and I think I am okay with that. Except for the bit where I listen to the songs on Youtube before I decide which ones I actually want, and when I’m on Youtube…there are these comments. And I realize that an abominably high percentage of the online population is either made up of trolls, or people who like to feed said trolls…but I get curious sometimes. And I read the comments on news stories (usually by the 2nd or 3rd one, I wonder what I was thinking and want to punch some faces), and on Youtube videos.

Unlike the news stories, I don’t want to punch most of the people who comment on Youtube. Most of them are just people affirming each other in their good taste in music, which is fine by me. Some of them are useful comments, as my language skills are limited to English and a very precious few bits of Spanish, and they are from people who have offered translations of the non-English audio clips that feature into a lot of Rome’s songs.

But…I am unpleasantly surprised by the number of songs where the comments turn into snarky back-and-forth between people who are accusing Rome fans and fans of “neo-folk” music in general of being pro-Nazi, and all that goes with that sort of accusation. And then there are the trolls on the other side who start trying to justify that sort of thing…wth.

I can’t even understand quite why anyone is even bringing this up…I mean, I can sort of see how one could reach that conclusion by being stupid, but having actually listened to the songs, I don’t feel like one can properly make accusations like that just based on Rome using historical wartimes as themes for the albums. Because it’s not just one war or even one geographical region that features into the themes…and in no song that I have listened to does it sound like the music supports the kinds of ideologies that these commenters keep snarking about.

I don’t think I have ever actually liked a band or musician where anything like this was even a concern. -_-”

Not that I’m not accustomed to my musical tastes being suspect…I got in trouble for doing a music project on Five Iron Frenzy when I was thirteen, after all.

I don’t know…I’ll just need to persuade myself back to thinking of Rome as a goth band so I can stop being concerned. It’s not goth, really, even though it was introduced to me as being musically close enough that it isn’t entirely out of place…

Anyway. Bedtime. So I can do inventory tomorrow night and spend my Tuesday hopefully doing useful things. Like sending K and Jon and Melody their very late Christmas gifts, and taking my watch to be repaired, and maybe even seeing The Hobbit.