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My sister’s dog is too smart. Two days in a row, he was so excited to see her when she got home, that he opened the kitchen gate and let himself and the other dogs (we have four, including him) out.

We thought he did it just out of excitement and the gate not being properly latched, but she wanted to know for sure, so she left him in the kitchen and went out to the front door before telling him to come to her…and sure enough, he opened the little latch blocker, lifted the latch and opened the gate.

Too smart.

That’s Sirius, my sister’s dog. And these are the others.

Grim, his sister.


Domino. The beagles are sisters, too.

And my cat, Deady, just for fun.

Now that I’ve posted a lazy post with cute pet pictures, it’s time for bed. So that I can see a movie, mail some things, do some laundry, and maybe get an estimate on my watch repair…still pretty hopeful about that, since I could get it ticking for a few minutes last night. It’s been weird though, because I’ll wind it with the watch to my ear so I can hear the ticking…and I know it is working because the second hand will have moved, but the moment I hold it away to look at it, it stops.

Watch: Ah! Don’t look at me.
Me: How is anyone supposed to know what time it is?
Watch: Sorry. I can’t tell time anymore. I’m old and senile…
Me: You are ridiculous.
Watch: You’re talking to a watch.

Yeah. Now I really will go to bed.