Ah, yay. I am going to talk to K tomorrow. All week, she has been mad at people she works with, and wanted to skip work tomorrow…now she’s going to do it for sure so we can talk.

I don’t actually remember the last time we spoke on the phone.

Because that is a thing that happens when you work at a place where Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are your most likely to work days, and your friend works at a place where her weeks are usually four days (Mon-Thurs) of ten-11 hours each, and then on top of it, your time zones are three hours apart…

But we will talk tomorrow. And I will hear about why she is unhappy at Boeing right now, and about Jon’s game company job, and she will get to hear about Jester’s new job and about my most recent irrational fascinations.

And speaking of those

I came across information about two of them that make things a good deal clearer. I am not particularly pleased about either of them though, as one gives credence to some people I had thought were being trolls about this band I like.
It doesn’t make their claims true, but it creates a blatant enough connection that I can’t say they’re completely wrong.

The other is so stupid that I wish that someone had just told me, because it seems like I should’ve encountered someone who could have imparted this information. But it was a rare instance when even the internet was reluctant to tell me something that could have saved me a good deal of trouble.
Oh well. Still, armed with that new information, I am going to try my luck a second time, and hopefully I can work it out without assistance…and then it will have a twin, which is exciting to me.

But until the opportunity to try our my newfound knowledge presents itself, my Wolf and I will simply maintain our steady stream of bickering and self-condemnation in regard to the way our aesthetic tastes turn out to be seriously questionable when viewed through a philosophical lens.