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lol. K is great to have as a friend.

She calls me and, after months of not writing or phoning each other, the first thing she wants to know about is this potentially questionable interest of mine that I mentioned in my email the other day…

She seemed really surprised…and far more interested than I expected her to be, since in general we like vastly different things. But that’s nice to know she finds it intersting. Now we’ll have an additional thing to talk about now and then, besides our jobs and our significant others and our pets. And our sleep troubles.

I don’t know if I am reassured though. I usually am. But this time…she tried to tell me it wasn’t a questionable interest, but she also shared my feeling that it’s probably a thing to keep quiet, even if I have decided to make practical use of its tangible manifestations. (Ah, Mondays annoy me because of inventory, but really…looking forward to this next one.)

K: Well, that’s not as bad as I thought it would be.
Me: Why? What did you think I was gonna tell you?
K: I don’t know. That maybe you were hanging around in graveyards or something.
Me: Is that really the worst you could think of that I could be interested in?
K: Mmm…yes?
Me: *laughs* I already did that, remember?
K: You did! I remember now. You and Toni.
Me: Yep. I think I’ve graduated from that phase.
K: You know what could make this thing better?
Me: What?
K: If you had a monocle.
Me: Seriously? A monocle? Wth.
K: They all had them!
Me: Whaaaaat? You’re crazy. But not as crazy as one of my old church friend’s little sisters. She had this clear white button that she had her mom tie a string to, and she gave it to me one day after service. She said it was for my eye.
K: Aww! How old was she?
Me: I don’t know. Five? Six?
K: See? Even from a young age, people can tell this about you.
Me: What? Tell what about me?
K: That you need a monocle.
Me: Omg. I do not.
K: You always say your left eye is bad.
Me: Well…it is…but…
K: That settles it. So, get a monocle, and start diversifying your accents.
Me: You think I should work on an accent for this? What? Am I being a character now?
K: Yes! I mean, I can’t even think of what that accent sounds like right now, but you should do it.
Me: Then when it gets me into trouble, I can blame it on you, right? “She told me I should…”
K: We never had this conversation.
Me: So that’s how it is. I see.
K: *laughs*

Yay friends. ^_^