Ah, okay. That was terrifying.

I think I have been cured of my vague interest in circus sounding music. Because…there is an album of “Ringling Bros Calliope Music” on iTunes…and it is terrifying. Complete with clowns on the cover.

I suppose I should clarify what I mean by “terrifying” though, since in this context it doesn’t mean what it usually does when I say it.

What I mean is that this music is way too happy. Super happy.
And so are the John Philip Sousa marches that circuses use. They are so happy. So. Happy. And American. Super American. Your vision will be clouded with a haze of red, white and blue if you listen too long. And for some reason, you will really wish you had cotton candy…

Basically: I should tell Paris I listened to some of them. But I had to, as penance for my curiosity. Because I found one that was a sound clip in one of the Rome songs, and man…that one is super happy too! All of those recordings I listened to were just as gaudy and happy in their own right…I had trouble processing just how cheerful it was. Even via audio so old and uploaded by someone so incapable that it only plays sound in my right earpiece.

Carousels and pastel ponies. That’s how happy they are.

And by the way…this guy. *abrupt change of subject*


If I ever have a child, there will be one of these in the house. Because they will either love ponies or be I will probably have to suspect that it is an alien child. A changeling or something. (What child of mine would not love ponies????)

Anyway. I am going to go to bed now and fret about the residual cheerfulness I am feeling from doing my reading to calliope music, Sousa’s greatest hits, and other assorted military marches.

(Look at his little sparkling eyes….daaaaaw.)earnest