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Welp. My eye is killing me.

I scratched it or something when I woke up, and now it just stings and waters and is of even less use to me than it was before.

(Maybe I do need a monocle. Because glasses are like…eye shields, right? But I only need a shield for my one eye…)

Got my watch back today though. After taking over an hour to get to the shop from my house, and arriving within minutes of their closing time…and my eye smarting and tearing up the whole way there…it was the WORST drive I have had in a long time.

But yeah. I got it.


They tell me it’s been well cared for. Didn’t need any repairs. Didn’t even need its oil changed. So yeah. That’s pretty nice to know, since that means I don’t have to take it back for, like, four years at least, since they said the oil needs changed about every five years, and I’m going to bet that the guy I bought it from hadn’t had it for very long, nor the antique store he got it from.

My main problem now is going to be in keeping it wound because it is powered by mechanical vampirism…

Apparently–and I am not surprised, since the internet FINALLY decided to tell me this after I’d already dropped it off to be looked at–this type of watch relies on movement to keep it wound and running, so I will probably need to wear it for a few days before it will stay ticking.

Welp. I will do that and see if it helps. That or I am going to have to buy a watch winder and see if that will do it.

I’m super determined to work this out.