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I almost crashed my car today.

Went to the store to buy some important things–mouthwash, antiperspirant, antacid–and I was driving into the sun. Right into that blazingly orange sun whose face I want to punch because it is SO DAMN BRIGHT, and seems to take pleasure in rubbing in the fact that it is about to set and yet again plunge us into icy winter darkness (ugh…IS WINTER YOUR FAVOURITE SEASON??? IS IT?).

So yeah. Driving into the sun, and hating it and hating winter and all of that nonsense. And then I see this bird.

A giant bird, silhouetted against all that orange sunblaze.

And I think at first that it is a heron, because it is so big and we see them around a lot…but herons look like movie depictions of pterodactyls with their long necks and long, dangling legs…but this bird does not look like that. It is bird-of-prey shaped…and then I’m like, “omg! A bald eeeeeagle!” *squee*

So, while I am enjoying this glimpse of threatened wildlife, I realize that I am also not driving on the correct side of the road. Because despite my mockably un-American nature, I guess I still get pretty excited about eagles. (Or any birds of prey, I guess…since I seem to recall posting before about a time when I almost veered off the road into snow because owls…and owls = wizards!)

Idk…I was thinking, too, about when I was a kid and our city’s zoo had a condor chick…I remember them showing him to us when I was at summer camp that year (I was…eleven, maybe?), and he wasn’t a fluffy baby chick anymore, but he was already GIGANTIC…

It’s strange though, seeing wild animals. I guess it seems to me like wildlife has become so marginal that when I see an eagle or a coyote or a deer, it surprises me all over again that there are creatures living their own lives without direct human oversight. Because humans control everything, right?

Absurd, I know…but…yeah. I don’t know what I’m trying to say, I guess. I just like animals. And birds of prey. Enough that it makes me an irresponsible driver. *ashamed*