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You know what I kind of miss that got lost when Xanga deleted (most of) itself? The saved private messages I had on my account.

I had a Danish friend on Xanga whose username I cannot recall…and I don’t think she ever told me her real name (which is fine…I didn’t tell her mine, either), but I liked writing to her. We wrote each other a lot during that time between when I graduated college and when I finally found a job…mostly because we were both unemployed and didn’t have a whole lot else to do.

She tried to teach me some Danish, too, but I don’t remember most of the words she taught me…just a word for shadow, mostly, since it is my name…Skyggen.

We talked a lot about writing poems, too…and I remember trying to persuade her that she wasn’t really that bad at it…and how excited she was when she messaged me one day to tell me that there was a publication that had accepted one of her Danish poems, and she would never have sent it if I hadn’t bothered her about it…

For a girl whose name I never even found out, I liked her a lot. I miss our rambling conversations. And I wonder sometimes, if she is still writing poems.

One more unsolved mystery of the internet.