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O hai.

So. I work at a movie theatre, yeah?
I’m our designated “food and beverage” manager. So I do all the inventory. I order all the things we need (except the alcohol, since the bar is considered separate from everything else) from week to week. JUST KIDDING. I only do my job sometimes, apparently.

Yesterday I discovered that I forgot to order popcorn. So I got to wear my murder face all day while I counted all the things and mentally kicked myself again and again and again.

“What do people eat at the movies again? I swear…you had ONE JOB…”


Yeah. Work things…counting and ordering and…telling drunken, middle-aged women to stop hitting on my 16-year-old employee and that no, they cannot call him “Mr. Gray” because that is harassment, and also…NO they cannot bring their riding crops into the movie. (Yes, ma’am, I understand this is not a children’s film, but we do not allow weapons and RIDING CROPS ARE MADE FOR HITTING. For our purposes here, THAT IS A WEAPON. Take it to your car, or leave. *smiles*)

I swear, sometimes I want to hit people myself. Except that I am hitting them because they are stupid and I wish them ill, and not because I find it pleasurable.

I had to take the space heater away from my employees again, too. And I feel bad…really, I do…the drafts of air that come through to our box office are intolerable without a sweater or a fleece or something. Buuuut…this time, not only did they have the heater set up on top of cardboard boxes, but…I was closing a drawer, and suddenly there was a smell of burning plastic…and as we looked on, little sparks came out of the fan on the heater…so I took it away. And endured a surprising amount of whining from the employees who saw with their own eyes that the heater wasn’t safe! I mean–sparks! D:

They were being extra ridiculous. I swear…especially the one who decided to bring back the argument that I don’t care because I am “descended from crazy northern Germans and snow giants, probably”. At which point I made a very dramatic facepalm and offered to bring everyone a second fleece if they were still cold after putting on the first one.

Oh em geeeeeeeeeee. I can’t. Not even.
I hid the heater though. Need to remember to escort it to the garbage tomorrow, before someone else finds it and thinks it is okay to use and really does burn the place down.

Maggie and I also had a lengthy conversation about whether or not I could fit inside the small safe that we don’t really use. We both think I could. And she seemed inclined to dare me to do it…but then remarked that she would feel bad if I, you know, “got stuck in there for half an hour or something”.

But Maggie…why would I be in there that long if you know the combination?

She just smiled. And now there is no way I am ever going to satisfy my curiosity about this, knowing that she might leave me in there for a while. (Not that I think we would have anyway, since we were both secretly thinking it was the kind of thing we’d get fired for. Still. Entertaining to talk about.)

So yeah. Work.

And also…the terrifying prospect of starting to plan a wedding. We’re not really at that point yet, but…starting to discuss details of what needs to be planned or priced out…guests and such…but…I don’t know. Not really a process I wish to hash out in the void of my blog, I suppose. Just a passing mention so that when it happens, I can at least say that I mentioned it.

What other noteworthy things have I done? Mmm…
I had a bizarrely philosophical conversation I had earlier this month with someone on the internets…because that’s how we make friends these days, right? By emailing strangers on ebay…

To my surprise though, I learned that Haiko is not an Asian name. My bad. I just get presumptuous sometimes. Especially when one’s English is not up to scratch. Not that I was alone in being presumptuous. I feel weird about people using my name simply because I bought something from them and they saw it in a statement. I don’t know…that seems rude to me, despite being a legitimate reason for knowing my name. Weird…
I suppose I shouldn’t complain. It is nice to talk to people, and kind of sellers to check with me when I forget to leave them feedback because I suck at remembering to do things. I just find it a little bizarre that we conversed for a week without any particular reason.

Hm. What else is there?
Omg. Musics!

I don’t know what is wrong with me. Because…I tried to get Jester to listen to my Rome music when we took a trip out to the aquarium, but he did not enjoy it as much as I’d hoped. He says it all sounds the same. And I get that. I see what he means. But…I can’t think that anymore. I have listened to barely anything else at all this month, so they are fairly well differentiated for me now.

And…I hate to say it…but I have made a really terrible game out of scouring the internet to find out what some of the old musical clips are that are in these songs (I will remain blissfully unaware of the significance of the speeches, since I have no idea what any of them is saying). But in doing that, I now understand why iTunes gave some of these albums “Explicit Content” labels…because one of the music clips was a parade march used by the Condor Legion in the Spanish Civil War, and since it was too good a song to waste, the Nazis adapted it into an SS song…

And that sort of thing upsets people. Hence the explicit label.

Although…I haven’t found the particular clip used in the Rome song. It sounds more like one of the SS clips I found, but the references to “Spanierland” would’ve belonged to the original version…
I swear though…the music–forget the words–of the original parade march sounds disturbingly familiar to me, and I am all but certain I have heard it playing out of a carousel. I just haven’t been brave enough to play it for anyone else and ask them if it sounds familiar.

I am unduly distressed by this development, I suppose. To the point where I downloaded the march because I can’t stand it anymore. Why does it sound like music for colourful resin ponies?! Why are you ruining ponies for me?!?! D:


I will never know.

*shrug* If nothing else, at least I have had a vague direction for my quest to learn something more of the past 100 years in history. Pretty sure high school history classes never touched on the fact that Spain had a civil war in the first place.

And I think this post is probably done now, since what I am really doing is looking at pictures of carousel horses in another window. (I lied, the Nazis didn’t ruin ponies for me…they are still adorable.)