I am going to get our youtube privileges taken away. Now when we draw up the site, it suggests tons of movie trailers, which is 90% of what we watch at work…but I noticed today that if you scroll down just a little, it is making regular recommendations that we listen to musical selections from The Red Army Choir and the Wehrmacht Musikkorps.

I am just going to have to start listening to music on my phone when I am closing by myself. -_-”

That, or I’ll have to hope they will understand when I tell them it happened like some dubious character pulling up in a nondescript van and asking if you want ponies and cotton candy, and I got totally suckered in by that.

Because that’s what a lot of these marches make me think of…they all sound so damned happy. And I just want to feel cheerful and forget what it is like to be sick with anger. 😦