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You know those times when you do a stupid thing and try to play it off, but then it keeps popping into your mind all throughout the rest of the day, and you respond with sudden outbursts of cursing or banging your head on a thing, and that voice in your head is all like, “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE???”

That happened. Because I was logging into a thing to show my GM something that wasn’t making sense…and I didn’t hit the tab button. And my password got logged into the username spot.

Explaining your passwords is easy when they are the names of your pets. But this one…ugh -_-”

Basically, the end result was my GM laughing hysterically about this running joke that the supervisors and I have about my various fictitious political alignments, and my resignation to using them as a basis for all the ridiculously long passwords we have to have for every work-related program we use (seriously, I can think of 9 right off the top of my head…).

Except that now I have to change half of mine because he admits he will probably remember what it is because he thought it was hilarious.

And I never did get my numbers-related question sorted out.