I received this nomination from architarai, whose hope and vitality infused blog you can find here.

I am not entirely clear as to why I received this nomination, but I remain pleased that someone has thought of me 🙂

As a recipient, I am to tell you seven things about myself, and then pass the award along to new WP citizens.


1. Forget dragons. Unicorns are the best, imo. Because they are so beautiful, but can stab you with their faces.

2. I read a lot, but over the last few years I’ve come to the conclusion that my favourite genre is probably “weird tales”. I think I can safely attribute that to a childhood spent watching Unsolved Mysteries and reading Goosebumps books.

3. I work at a movie theatre, but the number of movies I haven’t seen and that people think I should see is fairly extensive…and yet nobody will watch The Last Unicorn with me!

4. Most of my clothes are black. Because of working in a theatre where the uniform is black, and also being a Goth-type. Yay Woolite for darks.

5. My musical preferences are an intolerable mixture of things…darkwave because I am a Goth who likes twinkly sounds, doom because I like the atmosphere of dramatic violence, an array of folk-influenced music–zydeco, celtic, cabaret–because I have an appalling attraction to the sound of the accordion…and most recently, German marches and folk music because they remind me of the music played by a certain carousel that featured prominently in my childhood summers. In short, you would not want to go on a road trip with me.

6. I’m very…upset by how the important things in my life are playing out right now. Being handed good things, only to have them snatched away again is unbearable. I am mostly posting this to channel some of my thoughts in a different direction, because if I think too intently on what has happened, I will become angry and irrational. Like. More than usual.

7. One of my friends and I used to go look around at graveyards. We would look for interesting headstones and names, and had a good time with those…but we would also go to the most obscured and old headstones, and try to pay respects to those most forgotten dead by reading their names and epitaphs. We visited a lot of child and infant graves.

Now, people I wish to confer an award on…

I feel like I scarcely know anyone here, but there are a few blogs I read where I get the sense that their creators are dreamers, dreaming infinitely. I name the following:

Jack Flacco

My apologies if the award seems silly…but, as I said…item 6.