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I didn’t expect to agree about the sexism I kept hearing about in relation to this last Avengers movie. But I did. Because it–to me–seemed to be about what qualified one as a monster. (**Spoiler ahead, albeit a small one.**)

I like to think I know something about that.

About how one’s actions can make one monstrous.
Or how one’s demeanor can make one monstrous.

Or maybe, for fiction’s sake, one becomes a literal monster…a wolf, a vampire, a zombie…a giant, green ragecreature.

But Black Widow talks about being a monster. Not because she is an assassin and kills people, but because she is a woman and can’t have babies.

…does not having babies make a woman an unnatural monster? That’s absurd. Men aren’t monsters if they aren’t dads. They’re just monsters when they’re, you know…actually being monsters.

Idk. Whatever.

I’ll always know deep down that it’s my capacity for anger and cruelty–I’ve got that winning sort of personality, you know?–that can qualify me as a monster, regardless of my parental status.

(I say this, and another bit of me is facepalming and wondering why I would even share this line of thought…truthfully? I don’t know.)

This other thing, too:

I mentioned a while ago that Netflix had recommended a foreign language television show to me, and I almost removed it from my queue because I was like, “naw…I bet it’s dumb…”, but I started watching it last night and it’s pretty engrossing. Like all really engaging shows, I’ll be sad when I finish watching it tonight…

It’s kind of dumb, too, but I admit I am always pleased by those rare moments where characters in a thing have the surname Winter. Not exactly my own name, but it’s close enough for me to pretend stupidly about being a distant relative…
I have wondered if people with the last name Smith do things like that. They’d be connected to just about everything. *sigh* So jealous.

Oh, and on a slightly related note…I doubt anyone remembers way back when I was vaguely interested in whether my any of the various families my ancestors came from had crests or coats of arms–that is what I get for reading Game of Thrones, I guess–but I finally got around to asking what my mom’s mother’s maiden name was and finding out that three of four families–Parrish, Winters, and Müller–had a branch represented by unicorns.


Granted, the Müllers have a LOT of different branches, apparently…way more than the other names, and therefore there are different branches with multiple coats of arms…but still…the possibility of being 3/4 unicorn pleases me. 😛
(Blaming my Irish ancestors for that fraction, btw…because they just couldn’t get on board with the whole unicorn thing for whatever reason. *sigh* Or…maybe I should just go ahead and blame the Scots for taking unicorns as their official animal and leaving the Irish with Leprechauns. Lame. 😦 )

Also, my grandma’s story about her older brother having to change his name makes a lot more sense now. 😐

Maybe I will post something about that one of these days.