This happened today.

Mike T comes in to talk to another manager about his schedule, sees me in the office and perks up.

Mike: Hey!
Me: Oh, hey.
Mike: I’m so glad I came in today. I was disappointed because I figured I wasn’t gonna see you, but here you are!
Me: So I am. *I am reading emails and only sort of paying attention*
Mike: I want you to know that I thought of you right away when I realized what day it was.
Me: *puzzled* That’s adorable. What day is it?
Mike: V-E day.
Me: Come again?
Mike: Yeah, V-E day. You know, when we finally beat the Nazis.
*I wheel my chair around and look at him.*
Mike: Except, I wanted you to know that you’re still our favourite; we don’t want to beat you.
Me: I…wait…what?

Blair has been standing nearby, listening to this exchange and she can’t hold in her laughter anymore. Mike starts laughing, too.

Me: Excuse me for a moment. I need to contemplate where exactly I went wrong. *I put my head down on the desk*
Blair: Oh, Khyati. If nothing else, we’ll always remember you for this.